Take Off Application: Overview

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One of my favorite things to do is to travel, wether it be a couple hours to some beautiful hidden area or across the world; I feel as though it is a very important part of who we are.

But the biggest issue I had when I wanted to see something spectacular was $$$$$. And after some research, this is a very prevelant problem. So as a problem solver I made it my goal to solve this problem, after weeks of brainstorming, thus was born Take Off.


Basically what the app does is it significantly lowers the prices of airline tickets 24hrs before departure because the airline is trying to fill empty seats. The fun twist is that you litterally can only have a maximum of a 24hr notice before you leave for your destination (it can range anywhere from 24 - 1 hour prior).

The app has a very clean clutter free UI, it utilizes things such as color to organize events and minimal text, putting emphisis on the place as apposed to details.

One of the many unique features of Take Off is it's ability to connect likeminded individuals. This can be done by either searching or allowing the app to automatically match you with others that have similar travel intrests & destinations.

Take Off has a brand new and remodeled profile page with a banner that allows for creative oppertunities, and 24hr timeline of all your adventures that others can look at and like.

The travel page displays possible destinations from the nearest airport. Using colors to indicate how long you have till Take Off, allowing for you to easily sift through results.

Swiping right for more information, shows a checklist of items relevant to that flight, such as a passport or required immunization shots. Here you can also see the badge you will earn. Along with sharing via your favorite social media outlet, the goal of this app is to keep it fun and different, so something like “Brag to your friends” might change to “Tell your friends to feed your cat” and would differ across locations.