The merging two worlds.

The Concept

The quality of this commercial shows the undoubtable grade of Skullcandy headphones. The relatable storyline and epic shots show an optimum cost to performance ratio within the headphones. My overall concept is to create a wicked commercial that the viewer can not click off of and upon its end is begging for more

Showcasing Multiple Skill Sets

This project challenged me in a multitude of ways, I learned the entire process behind directing a set and how setting up shots is a whole lot eaiser said than actually executed.

I wanted to combine animation with some intresting shots. This resulted in a matching tone of the edditing and shot choices with my ability to animate in a specific manner. The idea spured from how music should take you to an entirely new world. There are already plenty of commercials with people walking and their reflection dancing in the mirror

so how do we take that to a different level? With the proper lighting setup and bomb dancer you can do basically anything.

To Conclude

This commercial was a blast to direct and edit. It was most definitally a learning experience for me, that grew my leadership and planning skills to another level. I am grateful that I had the crew I had, surrounding yourself with likeminded creatives is the way to go!